Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rohan Online's Website

Rohan Online, Level Up! Games' soon to be released title, now has a website. The flash thing at the welcome screen is cool. It also has a blog within the website which you can subscribe to via email. I hate email subscriptions. I like RSS/Atom better. But they only provide an email subscription link. But then a little fumbling got me to the blog's RSS -

Flyff: Queen of Hearts and Ace of Spades Set

Good day Flyffers!

Wanna look weird but cheery at the same time? Well, here's the set for you:

It's the Queen of Heart and Ace of Spade set! Inspired by the fantastic colors red, blue, and yellow, playing cards, clowns, and other cute things!

Get em now for only 4,000 coupons! Cheapest ever!

-Via Flyff

Grand Chase: Name That Server

Bermesiah and Ellia Servers are becoming over crowded! 2 Servers are not enough for all of us anymore! It’s time to open a 3rd Server!

1. Think of a name for the 3rd Server!

Event Guidelines and Restrictions:
1. Name should be themed and related to the Grand Chase story.
2. Maximum number of letters for server name should not exceed 15 characters.

1. Post your entry on the forums HERE with the ff. format:
• Grand Chase Character name:
• Theme:
• Suggested Name for the 3rd Server:
• Explanation / reason why you chose this name:
2. Submission of Entries will start on November 26 until December 1, 2008.
3. The Grand Chase Team will choose Top 5 from the submitted entries.
4. Players will vote for the most suitable Server Name from Dec 2 – Dec 8, 2008.
5. Winner of the poll will win the Grand Prize and the other 4 will get consolation prizes.

NOTE: If your suggestion is really great, we might change the name of Bermesiah and Ellia Servers as well in relation to your theme.

Winners & Prizes:

Grand Winner
50 Aging Cores
10 Enforcing Boosters 10%
10 Natal Rings
20 HP Potions (L)
20 MP Potions (L)

Consolation Prize
20 Aging Cores
5 Enforcing Boosters 10%
5 Natal Rings
10 HP Potions (L)
10 MP Potions (L)

Submit your Entry Here (nuisance post will be deleted)

-Via Grand Chase

Grand Chase: Spearman's Challenge

Event 1
Acquire Elesis 1st Class – Spearman

Period: Nov 25 – Dec. 1

Acquire Spearman Elesis from Nov 25 – Dec 1 and get FREE items!


Elite Holy Spirit Cloak (2weeks)
Elite Holy Spirit Armor (2weeks)
Kamiki’s Spear (200 times)
Gorgo’s Spear (200 times)

Event 2
1.5x EXP/GP for Elesis & Elesis 1st Class – Spearman

Period: Nov 25 – Dec 1

-Via Grand Chase

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cabal Online: Patch Notes 2008-11-25

Here are some of the PATCH NOTES for the BIG Update today:

- Opening of Nation/Mission Wars for Neptune Server.
- Opening of the Forgotten Temple B2F Dungeon.
- Fixed Missing Image for the FT B2F Dungeon Item
- Added Staff Image Sprite to the Wizard Class
- Implementation of the PET Training System- Pet Skill Learning, Pet Renaming, Pet Sealing
- Changes in the Nation and Mission Wars:

Level Segmentation of Mission War Channels [War during Saturdays only]
Channel 1: Level 95 to 129
Channel 2: Level 130 to 149
Channel 3: Level 150 to 170

- Integrated BONUS War EXP Reward calculation if a user is a Platinum Service and Blessing Bead Plus User.

- Corrected UI Errors/Inconsistencies on Cancelled Combos Skills, Buff, Debuff Icons.
- Corrected grammatical errors/misleading statements in certain Quests texts and Item descriptions.

- Added reward for Mission Wars: Warp code of Volcanic Citadel/Forgotten Temple Entrance.
- Warp Code/Entrance of Mutant Forest/Pontus Ferrum will be part of the Premium Service GPS Warp instead.

- Extended Item Upgrade to +8/+9. Access the Core Alchemist to see the new Item Upgrade Option.
Certain amount of Alz will be spent for item upgrade depending on the Item Grade/Type
You will be able to increase the success rate of upgrading to +8/+9 if you use CORE Items during the Upgrade Process. Maximum Success Rate is at 50%

In cases of Upgrade Failure:
The Item will be destructed or dropped or lose the upgrade options when the item grade upgrade failed from upgrade level +8. (In cases of item destruction, the item will be removed/deleted).

Upgrade failure for binding items may result to:
- A decrease in Item Grade or as normal item with no item grade.
- Cancellation of account binding option / Deletion of the expanded slot / Item grade 0
- Item Destruction

Changes of Instance Dungeon Entry Level Requirements:

1 Lake in Dusk
New Level Requirement: Level 65
2 Ruina Station
New Level Requirement: Level 75
3 Frozen Tower of Undead B1F
New Level Requirement: Level 85
4 Volcanic Citadel
New Level Requirement: Level 95


DotA Allstars v6.57b AI+ 1.52 (Rev. 01)

File: DotA Allstars v6.57b AIPlus 1.52 Rev. 01.w3x
Author: IceFrog (AI by RGB, Port by BuffMePlz)
Date: 2008-11-24
File Size: 3.56 mb
Category: Hero Defense
Suggested Players: 10
Tileset: Felwood
Language: English

Choose from 93 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients.

AI by RGB Modes: -st, -ne, -he, -hg, -mc, -de
Modes: -ap, -ar, -rd, -sd, -cm, -dm, -lm, -xl, -mm, -tr, -vr, -rv, -mr, -du, -sp, -sh, -aa, -ai, -as, -id, -em, -sc, -np, -om, -nt, -nm, -nb, -ns, -nr, -ts, -pm, -oi, -mi

Download DotA Allstars v6.57b AIPlus 1.52 Rev. 01.w3x

-First update to 6.57b
-Fixed a bug with long gametype commands
-Fixed display text for -csXX
-Fixed a bug with Roshan’s armour aura after 50 minutes
-Fixed a bug with selling Aghanim’s Scepter
-Fixed a bug with -pe on the Scourge side
-Rewrote Focus Fire to prevent crashes with AI
-Rewrote the way AI purchases and sells Bottles to address a problem with dropping items
-AI Crystal Maiden now learns Brilliance Aura after Frost Nova and Frostbite (instead of at levels 22-25)
-AI Keeper of the Light now properly learns attribute bonuses
-Run Down (Rider) now gives vision of the targeted unit
-Improved the targeting and behaviour of Betrayal (Old Invoker)
-Fixed seeing a dummy ability when swapping with AI Sand King

*Unofficial fixes
-Fixed some typos (Eye of Skadi Ranged, Windrunner, Captain CoCo’s Rum, Recall, Courier Shield, Burst)

6.57b Port of AI+ and -fun content by BuffMePlz.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rohan Online: Character Classes

There are 6 races in Rohan Online namely Human, Elf, Half Elf, Dekan, Dhan, and Dark Elf. There are different job classes to each race depending on what you want your character to be. Stat allocation is very important to your character build so you have to use them wisely.

Here are the 6 races and their corresponding jobs:


HUMAN Knight
The human race is perfectly suited for the Knight class. Bound to chivalrous conduct, humans are predisposed to fight for what they believe to be right.

A brute of a soldier, they are often the center of a battle party due to their strengthened defense. They can also cast stun spells and excel with ranged attacks.

These steadfast warriors boast refined attack skills. They can successfully reach their targets even if well-protected, and can even increase the amount of damage with each attack.


ELF Healer
These gentle-souled elves are proficient at healing others in their party. But do not be fooled, they can also pack a wicked wallop in the form of magical attacks.

Specializing in healing and protection using a range of powerful magic spells. They assist in party members recovery, defense and also vitality.

Quite the aggressor, they are capable of both magical and physical attacks. But their healing powers are keen as well.


Offspring of Human and Elf, these forest-dwellers are masters of ranged combat. Be it bow & arrow or mechanical crossbow, their proficiency is unmatched.

Masters of multi-targeting with their bows (and magic), they often choose to fight all enemies at once rather than one at a time.

Well versed on the crossbow, Rangers dominate their opponents with swift and precise arrow and dagger attacks.


DEKAN Dragon Fighter
Nearly incomprehensible, these changelings defy nature. Dekans are born with the nascent ability to transform from humanoid to a fiercely violent dragon!

Dragon Knight
They evolve more quickly in the form of dragon rather than humanoid, and employ a unique bloodsucking skill to weaken opponents.

Dragon Sage
Specialized hunters that can attack large areas at once. Pray you do not cross them underwater.


DHAN Assassin
These killing machines are serpentine in their deadliness. Because of their bias for butchery, they are the most feared (and despised) class in Rohan. Dhans can acquire experience by killing other players rather than completing quests if they choose.

Can achieve invisibility and dismember opponents with no warning. By the time you see them, your eyes may no longer be connected to your face.

The quickest of the Dhans, they deal blows so swiftly that anyone within striking distance may not even be able to take a single swing before death.


The mysterious Dark Elven Mages employ strong magical powers to weaken and dispatch their enemies. They also have transportation powers. Not much else is known about them to date.

Thrives in group battles, they seemingly are able to weaken opponents before the fighting even starts.

Expert hunters, they employ powerful area spells to fight off multiple opponents simultaneously.

Cabal Online: Focused Group Discussion

E-Games will be having a short FOCUSED GROUP DISCUSSION about Cabal Online this coming Wednesday, November 26th, at the e-Games office located at the 34th Floor Tower 2 RCBC Plaza, Ayala Ave., Makati City.

They are requesting Cabal gamers to participate. Limited slots, though, are left open and pre-registration is required.

If interested, send the following information to full name, contact number, YM ID, and your Cabal Online username and server.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cabal Online: Mini Guide for Pet Renaming and Pet Sealing

As the Pet Skill system goes live on November 25th, here's another guide regarding Cabal pets to help you out (actually a continuation of the Pet Skill Training Mini-Guide posted earlier).

Pet Renaming

In order to customize the name of your PET, you have to have a PET Rename Card
Temporarily, the Pet Rename Card will be made available from an NPC.

Pet Rename Card (Tradable) will be available at Port Lux. Grocer NPC for 100,000,000 Alz for the first month of release only. After the first month, the PET Rename CARD will only be available in the CABAL CASH Shop.

Right Click on the PET Rename Card and Click on the PET Card you wish to rename.

You will be asked to enter the name for your Pet. Please take note that you can use duplicate names for your Pet.

After choosing and typing in you desired name for your Pet, just press the OK button to finalize the renaming.

Pet Sealing [Sleeping Function]

CABAL Pets become instantly loyal to whoever adopts them; making them hard to trade.

With the use of Pet Sleeping Kits, pets fall asleep and when they wake up; they instantly bond with their new master.

As a complimentary bonus from CABAL Online, we will be giving 1 piece of Level 1 Sleeping Kit [Account Binding] to all users who have existing PETS by November 25th downtime.

Ex. If USER A have 3 Pets by November 25th, he/she will get 3pcs. of Level 1 Sleeping Kits automatically after the downtime on November 25th.

Please be reminded that the Level of your Pet Sleeping Kit should be the same with the Level of your pet.

To use: Right Click on the Pet Sleeping Kit and Click on your Pet Card to seal the Pet.
Requirement: Character/Pet Level: Lvl. 1 and above
Battle Style: Any
This is an account Binding Item
Effect: Seal your Pet for Trade. Once a Pet is Sealed, you can trade them with other Gamers.


Cabal Online: Festival Coin Event


Cabal Online is giving away +8 Epaulets, Astral Bikes, Astral Boards, Upgrade and Force Cores (highest), Plasma Coating Kits, Santa's Mirage Epaulets, and a lot more!

All you have to do is haunt monsters for Festival Coin Pieces during the Festival Coin Event which happens starting November 25th up to December 16th, 2008.

Give the Festival Coin Pieces together with some Alz to the Bloody Ice Officer in exchange for Silver and Gold coins. Here's the equivalent:

50 Festival Coin Pieces + 50,000 Alz = 1 Silver Coin
100 Festival Coin Pieces + 100,000 Alz = 1 Gold Coin

Right click on the Silver and Gold coins to get random items. However, these coins will only last three (3) days so you have to right click on them before they expire.

Festival Coin Pieces are tradeable so you can ask your friends, or give some to them, depending on your generosity. Silver and Gold coins, however, are not transferable.

Cabal Online: Battle for Guild Prime [Week 2] Registration

Join CABAL Online's Battle for Guild Prime. Week 2 registration starts today, November 21st, at 6PM.

To sign-up just login-to the e-Games Portal, click on My Account and Locate the CABAL Tournament Option. The Registration is limited to the first 8 Guild Registrants on a first come first serve basis.

Note: Only Accounts of GUILD Leaders can Register for the Tournament.

Tentative Schedule for Week 2 Tournament:

Monday - Mercury Server
Wednesday - Venus Server
Thursday - Mars Server
Friday - Jupiter Server
Saturday - Saturn Server
Sunday - Neptune Server

Philipine-based Firm Develops Wii Game

Game development firm Kuju Manila has launched the first Filipino-made Nintendo Wii game called Circus Games.

Circus Game was launched in the US this October and is targeted at younger players, groups and families.

The game can be played by up to two players and has about 20 different circus themed mini-games. These require the use of the NintendoWiimote and the nunchuk attachment.

Some of the mini-games require players to shoot or throw objects while others allow for catching items.

The game is published by French company Ubisoft, which distributes popular titles such as Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell series. The game is also sold locally at Datablitz for about P2,000.

Kuju Manila is formerly Matahari Studios which created games for the arcade shop Timezone. Matahari was then acquired last October to become a subsidiary studio by Kuju Entertainment based in the UK.

Kuju Manila becomes the seventh development studio for Kuju Entertainment, which is credited for their work in such games as the EyeToy: Play 2 and EyeToy: Play 3 for the PlayStation 2, Call of Duty: Finest Hour, Geometry Wars, among others.

It currently has 27 employees all of whom are Filipinos. The company aims to grow their employment roster to 50 or 60 by 2009 in anticipation for new projects after the acquisition.

Kuju Manila General Manager Eric Marlow said the company’s acquisition will widen their scope towards console and handheld games.

However, they will still focus on casual, family-oriented games for the arcade and consoles.

Marlow also said they are now working on two new titles, one of which he said is based on a popular title.

Marlow is also a member of the Game Development Association of the Philippines, which is promoting the country as a hub for outsourced and original game development. -Via hackenslash

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Ragnarok Amazing Guild Race Event

The Ragnarok Amazing Guild Race will begin from the moment New Chaos becomes online and will end on December 15, 2008. Win godly items or an EB package just by becoming the highest level guild OR the biggest guild (with extensions) at the end of the event.

See detailed mechanics below

* All new guilds from New Chaos server may join
* Main guildmasters should be the one to register their guilds (see below)
* Allies/extensions can also join (see below)

* Start: Nov 16, 2008
* End: Dec 15, 2008
* Application Deadline: Nov 24
* Posting of guilds that applied: Nov 24
* Awarding of Prizes: January 14, 2009

* All Main Guildmaster who wish to participate in this event should fill up the following:

Email title: [AGRE] – (guild name)
Main Guild Master:
Extension Guild and Guild Masters:

[AGRE] – Transcendent Family™
Main Guild Master: Lord Knight Seyren
Extension Guild / Guild Masters: Transcendent Juniors / Armaia

[AGRE] – Transcendent Family™
Main Guild Master: Lord Knight Seyren
Extension Guild / Guild Masters: Transcendent Juniors / Armaia
Extension Guild / Guild Masters: Transcendent Seniors / Kavach

* Send and email the information to Main Guildmasters should register their character name, main guild name, the character name/s of the Extension Guildmasters and the extension guild name/s.
* Application deadline is November 24, 2008
* Guildmaster MUST choose which category he/she will enter his/her guild in
* There will be 2 categories in this contest
* The 2 categories are as First Guild and Biggest Guild (See below)

* FIRST GUILD - First Guild (Main and 1 Extension) to reach level 50 at the end of the contest winds
* BIGGEST GUILD -.Top Three Guilds (Main and 1 Extension) with highest levels at the end of contest (minimum level 40) and Top Two Biggest Guilds (Main and more than 1 extension) with highest levels at the end of contest (minimum level 20) will win
* The Main guild and the Extension guilds must be at least level 20.
* How to be the Biggest guild: The guild with the most number of extensions (level 20 or higher) will be the winner.
* In case of a tie, the guild with the highest Main Guild level will be considered the biggest guild.

Guild 1 AmazingRace (level 20)
Extensions:Amazingrace1 (level 20)
Amazingrace2 (level 20)
Amazingrace3 (level 20)
Amazingrace4 (level 20)
Amazingrace5 (level 20)

Guild 2 GwapoGuild (level 45)
Extensions:GwapoGuild1 (level 20)
GwapoGuild2 (level 20)
GwapoGuild3 (level 20)
GwapoGuild4 (level 20)

* All guilds who registered in the Amazing Guild Race will get a consolation prize.
* Wrong information or account details will not be entertained. It is your responsibility to provide us with complete information during registration.

* FIRST GUILD - First Guild to reach level 50 at the end of contest – Godly Item Asprika Ingredients and 5 Solar God Helm [1].
* Top Three Guilds with highest levels at the end of contest (minimum level 40) – Godly Item Megingjard Ingredients
* Top Two Biggest Guilds with highest levels at the end of contest (minimum level 20)
* Biggest Guild with highest level – Php 20,000 Guild EB package and set of Godly Items (Megingjard and Mjolnir)
* Second Biggest Guild with highest level – Php 10,000 Guild EB package and set of Godly Items (Brysinggamen and Sleipnir)
* The Prizes will be given to the Main Guild Master in the approved application form/e-mail.
* In-game items will be inserted no later than Jan 14, 2009
* EB package will be coordinated with the Main Guildmaster.

* For any questions or concerns, please send an email to
* You may also file a ticket or call our agents at
-Via Ragnarok

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ZXOnline CBT is Now Officially Open

I logged in at about 7pm and was faced with characters who look like mine. LOL! Novices. I was really glad many Pinoy gamers were excited to try it out.

It seems, though, that the client file isn't enough to play the game smoothly.

This is from The Empress:

To the players who has the CBT client already:

Before logging in, kindly download the ff. manual patch and install~

ZX Manual Patch (Patch Server Fix)
Version: 1.01
Size: 177 KB
Date: 11-16-2008
Get it here:
Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Support for Game Tantra I to Continue

Amid a flurry of disappointed fans and players of the online game Tantra, game distributor Amped announced that they will continue to support the first Tantra while preparing to launch Tantra II.

The company also announced that it is merging four game servers into two. The Manas and Kriya servers will be merged, while the Samadi and Diyana servers will become one.

The company said that support for Tantra I will include new patches, new in-game weapons and armor and future gaming events.

“Despite all of the problems, rumors, and critics that Tantra is facing. The game still manages to survive and compete in the business. This is due to the loyal players that support Tantra in its journey to success,” the company said in an official statement posted on its website.

Fans of Tantra have complained about Tantra II, which was initially thought as an update to Tantra I. But it was revealed later that it was a new game.

Gamers complained they have spent large amounts of money to play Tantra I only to discover that they have to start from scratch if they intend to play Tantra II, and that their old characters will not be ported to the new game.

However, an earlier Hackenslash interview with an Amped executive indicated that the game is a new game and can be considered a separate game.

The Tantra Online games are developed by HanbitSoft.

Amped announced that Tantra II will start closed beta testing in time for the company’s Amped Fest on November 21. -Via hackenslash

Cabal Tournament in Laguna, Batangas and Lipa - November 20 - 22, 2008

Prepare for battle as e-Games visits several i-Cafés in Laguna, Batangas and Lipa Areas for Free Play and live tournament starting this November 20 until November 22, 2008.

Winners in the CABAL Online Tournament - iCafe Level will compete in the e-Games Mall Tour in the area. This tournament will determine which CABALists will compete for the CABAL Online National Championship Title in Dom1nation III, e-Games third year anniversary celebration event.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the ultimate CABAL Online champion? Then visit the following battle stations on the dates listed below!

LAGUNA – November 20, 2008

Game Link Internet Café - Doña Virgiña Bldg. Old National Highway, Brgy. San Antonio, Biñan

Aero 12 Internet Café - Old National Highway (Beside Perpetual)

Seatwoks.Com Internet Café - Unit D Bert’s Dorm and Apartment, University of Perpetual Help Sto. Niño

LIPA CITY– November 21, 2008

Probytes Internet Café – Paninsingin, Tambo, Lipa City (near De La salle University, Lipa City)

MAVIL INTERNET CAFE - MVL Bldg. Paninsingin, Lipa City (infront of La salle Lipa)

RAD Computer Center – Paninsingin, Tambo, Lipa City (near De La Salle University, Lipa City)

BATANGAS CITY – November 22, 2008

J8 Internet Café – P. Burgos St., Batangas City

Drive.Net Internet Café – P. Burgos St., Batangas City

U-Play Internet Café – P. Zamora St., Batangas City

However, players who just want to enjoy a whole day of CABAL fun and excitement can visit the following i-Cafés for Free Play:

LAGUNA - November 20, 2008

Game Link Internet Café – Doña Virgiña Bldg. Old National Highway, Brgy. San Antonio, Biñan

Aero 12 Internet Café – Old National Highway (Beside Perpetual)

Seatwoks.Com Internet Café – Unit D Bert’s Dorm and Apartment, University of Perpetual Help Sto. Niño

ICT 1 to 3 Computer Shops and Gaming Center - KM 34 Old National Highway, Binan

LIPA - November 21, 2008

Ultra Internet Café – Pres. L. Katigbak St., Lipa City

IBN Internet Café – Pres. L. Katigbak St., Lipa City

Xinchub Internet Café – 27B Kapitan Simion Luz, Lipa City

Probytes Internet Café – Paninsingin, Tambo, Lipa City (near De La salle University, Lipa City)

MAVIL INTERNET CAFE - MVL Bldg. Paninsingin, Lipa City (infront of La salle Lipa)

RAD Computer Center – Paninsingin, Tambo, Lipa City (near De La Salle University, Lipa City)

BATANGAS CITY - November 22, 2008

J8 Internet Café – P. Burgos St., Batangas City

Drive.Net Internet Café – P. Burgos St., Batangas City

U-Play Internet Café – P. Zamora St., Batangas City

G Zone Internet Café – Hill Top

Renegade Master Computer Shop – Hill Top

Centro Internet Café – Hill Top

CABAL Online Tournament Mechanics

1. 1. Each team will have 4 members.
2. 2. All teams will use pre-made characters (Level 170 and equipped with Mithril Set +7) during the qualifying matches.
3. 3. Every round will consist of 1 participant from each side.
4. 4. The winning participant can complete again, whereas the loser gets knocked out from the current match.
5. 5. The battle will continue until one team is completely knocked out.
6. 6. In the finals, all finalists will be required to use their personal characters no matter what their level may be. They will be given 3 months allowance to power-level their characters for the finals.
7. 7. A user’s division will be decided upon their first match. It can no longer and will not be changed as they made their first match. Division Prize will vary depending on the level of the average level of all the participants in the finals.
8. 8. Divisions:
9. 1. Bluestin Weight - Character Levels 30 – 80
10. 2. Osmium Weight - Character Levels 81 – 120
11. 3. Mithril Weight - Character Levels 121 – 170


1. 1. All participants must be a member of the CABAL Club. Membership costs 50 pesos/ mo.
2. 2. A user can only participate once in an area.
3. 3. All participants will be assigned to a division depending on his highest level character declared.
4. 4. All participants must have an active account. If the account is banned, the player must apply for amnesty. Participants with permanently banned accounts will be disqualified.
5. 5. During the tournament period, three (3) i-Cafes will be chosen to be CABAL Online Tournament Ground and three (3) for Freeplays.
6. 6. At the end of the i-Cafe Level Tournament, every CABAL Online Tournament Ground (i-Café) will have three (3) winning teams from each division, totaling to 9 teams per area.
7. 7. The winning teams will compete in the e-Games Mall tournament in that area. At the end of the tournament, only three (3) teams will remain to represent the area for each division.
8. 8. All Mall Tournament Winners, a total of 18 teams for the 6 areas, will compete in the Championship in Dom1nation III.
9. 9. At the end of the Dom1nation III Tournament, three (3) teams will be declared winners; one for each division.

So join the CABAL Online Laguna, Batangas and Lipa i-Café Visit on November 20, 21, and 22 2008 and experience the revolution of action! -Via The Archives

Crazy Kart Gets Crazier

Let’s all get crazy with Crazy Kart gets Crazier patch. With wacky and fun new items, accessories and paints, racing in Crazy Kart goes to a whole new level.

Race in style with these new and wacky karts added into the CK Shopping Mall:

Karte De Guerra - Ang Kart na kinakatakutan ng mga ibang racers. Who would want to go up against a speeding tank?

Daddy Long Legs - The next evolution in all terrain kart technology. Ang Daddy Long Legs ay tiyak na papatok sa mga mahihilig dumaan sa tabi tabi.

Boat Kart - Ang Signature kart ni Zode. Ang Boat Kart ay dating pirate ship niya na coverted for Crazy Kart action!

Kalesa - Gamit ang kart na ‘to, tiyak na mapapakita mo ang iyong style! Nothing beats the fine lines and antique flair of the Kalesa Class.

Add new and wacky bling bling to your crazy karts to make it look crazier!

Mumu Ball - Kikilabutan sa takot ang mga naiwanan mong kalaban. With the Mu-Mu accessory pcyche out your opponents even before you beat them!

Carp Streamer - Ang Carp Streamer ay sinasabi na swerte sa mga gumagamit nito. Malas naman ang makakakita nito sa harap nila dahil ibig sabihin naunahan na sila.

Bantay - Ang loyal na doggie na si Bantay ay nandito para siguraduhin na hindi mananakaw ang kart mo habang naka-park. Bantay will surely melt your heart.

And pimp your ride to look funny, wacky and cute with these new kart paints:

Puppy Paint - Gawing mas adorable ang Pinak Benz gamit ang napaka-cute na paint theme na ito.

Castle Paint - Kung sa tingin mo bigatin na ang Bakal Express, subukan mo gamitin ang Castle Paint scheme at gawing bato at semento ang kart mo!

Tiger Cub Paint - Ilabas ang wild side! Gamitin ang paint scheme na ito at tiyak na mas babangis ang iyong Red Devil ATV!

Lion Paint - Gamitin lang ang Lion Paint scheme at tiyak di lang basta hari ang tingin sa ‘iyo, hari pa ng daan!

Athletic Shoes - Isa pang unique na paint scheme para sa Pinak Benz. Gamit ang Athletic Shoes paint, tataas ang traction ng Pinak Benz (may libre pang air freshener para hindi mang-amoy paa.)
-Via Crazy Kart

Ragnarok Online: 2x EXP Week for New Chaos

New Chaos will have a 2x EXP event from November 19th (today) to November 26, 2008. Also, Valkyrie and Valhalla will get 3x EXP during the same period.

Not only that, there are new items at the mall:

• Job Manual •
Job Exp rate is increased to 50% fro 30 minutes.
Weight: 1
100 Rok pts

Get 1 more free Job Manual for every purchase of the Job Manual Box.

• Job Manual Box •
Job Exp rate is increased to 50% fro 30 minutes.
A box with 10pcs Job Manual books inside
Weight: 1
900 Rok pts

If you enjoyed the Elven Ears, you will sure enjoy the looks of the Mischievous Fairy Ears!

• Mischievous Fairy •
A headgear that figures a mischievous fairy.
Perfect Dodge + 3
Def: 1
Location: Mid
Weight: 20
Required Level : 70
Jobs: All
5,000 Rok pts

If you had the Red Frame Glasses, why don’t you try this on for your collection?

• Black Frame Glasses •
A dark-colored plastic frame glasses.
INT + 1, MDEF + 2
Def : 1
Location : Mid
Weight : 20
Required Level : 70
Jobs : All
4,000 Rok pts

Available at the Item Mall starting today, Nov. 19, 2008.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grand Chase: Ronan Events!

The Grand Chase Open Beta officially closed yesterday and it's now in the commercial launch phase! As of around 4:00PM today, servers went up and the item mall is now open! Tons of new item sets, consumables, buffs, and even the quest scroll for Rohan is available in-game through the mall. Rohan, btw, is the game's first male character and he’ll be available for both cash points and GP. You can either grind for the GP and do the quests to unlock him or you can just buy him outright. To celebrate Ronan’s debut, several in-game events and promotions are lined up for him. -Via Waukster


In honor of the arrival of the Spell Knight Ronan, Grand Chase is unleashing the Royal Guard Master for 2,500 Cash (250 Load Up! Credits) from November 18 to 24 ONLY!

Take advantage now of this limited offering and use the knowledge of magic and sword-fighting to demolish foes and monsters!

On Nov 25 onwards, Ronan’s Cash Mission Scroll would return to its original price of 3,000 Cash (300 Load Up! Credits). Hurry now before promo expires!

Also, all Grand Chasers are reminded that the Attendance Book System will be implemented starting Nov 18!

For Grand Chasers that will have Perfect Attendance from Nov 18 to 24, your Weekly Attendance Reward will be given on Nov. 25.


Event 1
Acquiring Ronan Character

Event Period: Nov 18 – 24

Acquire Ronan during the Event period and you will get rewards on next maintenance, November 25.


Ronan Signboard (Permanent)
Gorgo’s MagicSword (200 Times)
Ronan’s Big Head (1week)

Event 2
Power Level Ronan!

Event Period: Nov 18 – 24

Get a reward as Ronan’s level increases!


Level 10: +10 Bag
Level 15: +10 Bag
Level 20: +10 Bag
Level 25: +10 Bag
Level 30: +10 Bag
Level 35: +10 Bag
Level 40: +10 Bag

Event 3
1.5x EXP/GP for Ronan!

Event Period: Nov 18 – 24

Play Ronan and get 1.5x EXP and GP
-Via Grand Chase

Click here to visit Grand Chase's official website.


Game distribution firm IP E-Games announced that it will become the local distributor of online game NosTale.

The company will also become the payment gateway for Philippine players, utilizing its top-up cards.

Korean company Entwell Co., Ltd. developed NosTale, which stands for The Tale of the Nomads of Silver Spirit.

Despite its cartoonish, kid-friendly design, NosTale is considered a massively-multiplayer online game instead of a casual game.

In an interview, Sonny Carlos, IP E-Games Product Manager for NosTale, said the game’s server will be hosted in Korea while E-Games will provide a payment service for players in the country.

Carlos said the game will target a younger generation of players.

“We wanted to introduce something different in our MMORPG line up, so we decided on NosTale,” Carlos said.

NosTale features many of the same features found in MMORPGs including quests, party systems, item shops and chat.

The online game is a story-driven adventure divided into four Acts. Players start out as an ordinary Adventurer. Later, they can be a Swordsman, Archer and Sorcerer they reach a certain level.

Once a class has been reached, players can then select a “specialist card” to give their character new and unique skills.

Another unique feature is the Mini Land, which is the player’s own “home” where items can be stored. The Mini Lands can also be adorned with other objects, such as a house, lamp posts, trees and others.

E-Games has activated a local website for NosTale players.

NosTale international publisher Servex Co. Ltd. has also appointed E-Games as its global server distributor in the Philippines.
Via hackenslash

GDAP's Cosplay

The Game Development Association of the Philippines (GDAP) is holding costume play (cosplay) competition opened to participants portraying characters from any video game.

Characters can come from games of any gaming platform, including PC, PlayStation or Xbox, Nintendo platforms and handheld gaming devices.

Ranulf Goss, International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Philippine Chapter chairman, said the competition highlights gamers’ endearment to their favorite video game characters.

The cosplay competition is part of GDAP’s Game Craft, which also highlights a series of business sessions and classes for developers and artists during the entire BPO Summit.

For the past three years game development has been one of the latest highlights of the BPO Summit, largely due to a number of outsourced projects that local game development companies have been receiving.

GDAP has been promoting game development as one of the sunshine industries in the Philippines.

The competition will be part of the BPO Summit at the Crowne Plaza, Mandaluyong City in on December 2.

The competition will be divided into three categories. Best Male, Best Female, and Best Armor/Mecha cosplay.

Scores will be based on Accuracy, Craftsmanship and characterization. Winners in each category will receive P5,000. However, a grand champion will be chosen and will take home P10,000.

Goss is the first president of the GDAP when it was formed a few years ago. He was succeeded by Flipside Games President Gabriel Dizon.

Meanwhile, the GDAP event during the BPO Summit will highlight the visit of Chris Natsuume, producer of the high popular first person game Far Cry.

Natsuume will speak on game development and will also be one of the judges during the cosplay competition.
-Via hackenslash

Rohan Online

It may sound like the fabled land of the Rohirrim in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Rohan Online, however, is not related to it but it does have the same elements of medieval fantasy.

Rohan Online is the latest massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that game publisher Level Up! Online is introducing in the Philippines.

The game is similar to most hack-and-slash online games and features six character classes, the Humans, Elves, Half Elves, Dhans, Dekans, Dark Elf.

There are also male and female models for each class. Each of the classes have unique roles and attributes, some are close quarter combatants, some are long range fighters, while others are more balanced types.

These character classes also own unique weapons and items. Some can wield two-handed weapons like the Human Knight. The Elf Archer for example can use bows more efficiently than the rest of the characters, while the Dhan Assasins can use stealth weapons to kill enemies quietly.

Another unique feature of Rohan Online is its “Forge” wherein items of the same type can be forged together to bring out a more powerful weapon.

However, the Forge feature also has a success and failure rate so players have to be aware what item they expect to create when forging.

But the most unique feature of the game is “Revenge.”

Unlike in most MMORPGs where low-level players are beaten during player-versus-player fights, Rohan Online’s Revenge system allows “losers” in PvPs (player versus player) to take revenge against their antagonists once they have increased their levels.

They could even bring their entire party to strike back at the opponent. Revenge is indicated as an icon in the interface of the game showing the name of the person who beats the character. Once the player decides to take on the antagonist, the player clicks on the icon and is automatically teleported to the area of the opponent. Think of it as “resbak” in an online environment.

Level Up! Philippines has not announced when the game will be made available.

However, more information can be received from Rohan Online’s official international site.
-Via hackenslash

Rohan Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

* Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows 98 SE
* Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz or higher OR AMD Sempron 2.0G or higher
* RAM: 512 MB
* Video Card: 128MB minimum. Gforce FX, Radeon 9600 or better.
* Sound: AC ‘97 compatible
* Direct X: version 9.0c or higher
* Hard Disk space: 6GB free

Recommended Requirements

* Operating System: Intel Pentium D 915(2.8Ghz), AMD Athlon64-X2 3800(2.0Ghz) more
* Processor: Intel Pentium D 915(2.8Ghz), AMD Athlon64-X2 3800(2.0Ghz) more
* RAM: 2 GB or more
* Video Card: Geforce 6×00, Radeon x600 more (256MB or more)
* Sound: AC ‘97 compatible
* Direct X: version 9.0c or higher
* Hard Disk space: 6GB free
-Via GM Tristan

Monday, November 17, 2008

ZXOnline: [Quest] How to Join a School

When you reach level 15, a window will pop up saying that you can now join a school. This is the point where you decide on the character class that you want and the path that you will take to your journey to immortality.

Screenshots of how to take the quest, after the jump.

Click on the "Join a School" quest in your Quest Log

Go to Zhou Yixian and get the quest: Join a school - The road of cultivation. Your task is to go to the Cultivation Emissary again and eliminate one (1) Pneuma Beast.

After that, get the quest: Zhou Yixian’s Guidance. From here, a list of the character classes will be available for your selection.

Select one of your preferred choice, and check your quest log to see on what task should be done in order for you to become officially one of the Five Schools.

After finishing the said task, viola! You are now blessed with the weapon and a new talisman for your tools to assist you in this game.

Via The Empress

Click here to go to Zhu Xian Online's official website.

ZXOnline: Novice Skill Guide

Those with Advance Passes may now login to ZXOnline but then if you don't, you can log in starting Wednesday, November 19th, for the CBT.

And since majority of Pinoy gamers are new to ZXOnline, here's a little guide from The Emissaries:

Since you will be a novice for some levels, I would recommend getting HIT skill at level 2/6 and ALERT skill at level 7/7. Remember to not waste much of your skill points as you will need them as you progress in the game. There is a maximum of 150 skill points in this game and we still do not know yet if we have this reset skill NPC or item (wish we could have like that). Level 15 is the level wherein you get to choose your school, so choose wisely. Here is a little description of the novice skills:

HIT skill - is an active skill wherein you deal 2x your damage to an enemy/monster.
ALERT skill - this passive skill raises the amount of resistance in all states.

There are also other skills such as:

COURAGE - this buff enhances your ability to attack.
HEALING - self explanatory. Also an active skill.

Ragnarok Online: Welcome to New Chaos

The New Chaos is now up and running. The long wait is over for the Ragnarok fanatics. As we all know, Ragnarok was the first online game to hit the country and as much as user database is concerned, I'm sure no other online game in the country can match up to how massive Ragnarok's is. And as GM Tristan said, the splitting of accounts took longer than they expected.

New Chaos is the amalgamation of the three Ragnarok servers (Baldur, Tyr, and Freya). Now everyone can be one big happy family in the New Chaos. Players are not divided by different servers anymore.

To celebrated the birth of the New Chaos, (as earlier reported), pRO is offering new and affordable subscription rates.

And until November 19, players can enjoy up to 80% discount on selected mall items.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cabal Online: Battle for Guild Prime [Week 1] Participants

Below are the Guilds who made it to the first registration for the Battle for Guild Prime. Guild Masters asked to send the GMs their Yahoo! Messenger IDs [via Forum PM]so they can coordinate the tournament via Y!M.

Tournament Schedules for the 1st week November 17 to 23:
Monday 9PM Mercury Server
Tuesday 9PM Venus Server
Wednesday 9PM Mars Server
Friday 9PM Jupiter Server
Saturday 9PM Saturn Server
Sunday 9PM Neptune Server

Guild leaders are advised to have ALZ Requirement ready and meet the GMs in the Premium Channel 10 from 9:00PM to 9:15PM.

The GMs will be calling out the Guild Leaders via In-Game Announcement.
Missing Guild Leaders/Participants after 10 Minutes of notice will lose by default.

Mercury ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name

1 Mivec OneKingdom
3 Pinoy Method
4 Ebbb GoodGameLosers
5 Met12opOIIs Domination
6 Colt44 Sinister
7 Humphrey NevarethImmortals
8 RudyFernandezJr UnholyRebirth

Venus ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name

1 zhairuz GameGuard
2 BLOCKbuster Massacre
3 Dominicus Exitializ
4 mIKey888 FallenAngels
5 exNiJhaib AdikzOnline
6 Qkyo DemocratiC
7 cloudxtreme DeaThCasT
8 O2Warrior21 DarkRequiem

Mars ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name

1 WeSss BountyHunterZ
2 K3NshiNHiMuRa BLooDTakeN
3 RKintoy Vanarchy
4 Zensuke Cursed
5 fOrCeBliTz BisayaEspesyaL
6 khdaffi CRlMINALS
7 Jogskie GuardiaNs
8 moonless008 Rookies Guild01

Jupiter ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name

1 BoGooNBooGoN LegionOfVeritas
2 GumavuLegolas RECKLESS
3 KGultimax EmissariesOfLight
4 CezarHisole oneSHOToneKILL
5 mimic 7thSeaI
6 Killerlover SlMAClKlDOWlN
7 Cryzt DevilOwned
8 Sven31 AngCuteNi

Saturn ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name

1 MissLaila Fusion
2 Haii INemesis
3 SazzyLeigh Playmates
4 ThrowVenom InzaneEmpire
5 Grindcore Quarantine
6 Kickazz RoyaLPiratezZ
7 Frozenworld cOvEnAnT
8 manunubos0 KONOHA

Neptune ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name

1 ala Unstoppable
2 MiCO3 Unstoppable
4 Razor Shadow
5 gHe3 CapellaAllStars
6 UGOk ToxiciTy
7 reckles01 HIREDGUN
8 SAMUELmySON WlckedSick


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Perfect World: Gauntlet of the Soulless


There was an uneasy wind blowing in Pan Gu. The Wingkind soar through the skies as if to observe those below. The Beastkind proud and noble tend to their rituals and weapons, and the usual denizens of Dragon city go about their normal routine.

It was an uneasy period. It was probably because amidst all these notions of “peace” there is something going on…something monumental.

Town messengers cry the same messages throughout the land: “Our general has returned! Wan Luan is safe

The news wasn’t as morale boosting as it was intended to be. Even Wan Luan knew this. He could still remember the voice of the shining figure that abducted him echoing in the halls of his home:

“These people are mere sheep, easily thrown into chaos when you eliminate the shepherd!” Sam Hok uttered to him perhaps as an insult.

“He was right….” Wan Luan said. “But still…I have to see this through…”

Wan Luan, still wounded from his abduction sat at his villa’s terrace, contemplating his recent failures, restless and anxious. He knew that he still had something to do. All of his experiences as a general were telling him to take action. He knew in his mind that something is going horribly wrong, and in his absence, the people had unknowingly stood by without noticing it.

The silence of the terrace was broken when 3 guards rushed to Wan Luan. They were carrying a wounded messenger. Bloodied and beaten within an inch of his life.

“General! Forgive our intrusion but this man….!” The guard spoke.

“Slowly soldier….breathe…now what happened here?” Wan Luan calmly ordered.

The wounded man barely had voice, but the words were clear. Wan Luan stood in disbelief. It is as if the entire world’s grand design was revealed to him.

Suddenly, the events that happened started to make sense.

“The Soulless…our territories….all of it…gone... the Soulless are coming…”

On the other side of Pan Gu, two figures hover ominously atop a mountain peak. Their eyes shining and staring off in space, but at the same time it is as if they are “watching” something taking place.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you? How cruel…..” one of the figures spoke. It was none other the omnipotent Lady FelMaiden.

“Cruel? It would’ve been more cruel if no one told him don’t you agree?” The other figure spoke. It was Sam Hok, the one responsible for Wan Luan’s capture.

“But still…having a wounded soldier tell him those cryptic words? That’s classic…a bit unnecessary, but classic nonetheless.” FelMaiden spoke sarcastically to Sam Hok.

“Well. “He” started it.” Sam Hok answered. “He was but only rescued and already he goes about announcing a declaration of war? How impudent! ”

“Persistent is the correct term I believe.” FelMaiden replied. “He’s a fascinating man; he still thinks he has the will to choose his own path, and that others should follow his vision for them to succeed. We could still use him for our purposes.”

“What do you propose we do then my lady?” Sam Hok asked.

“Nothing spectacular, all the clans are in disarray since the Soulless now control all the territories.” FelMaiden said. “These people are still waiting for us to guide them out of their misery, so I guess it’s time we did so don’t you agree?”

“Certainly my lady” Sam Hok replied. A flash of light followed and FelMaiden was gone. Sam Hok stood alone smiling; suddenly there was an aura of light surrounding his body.

“The fate of Pan Gu should not rest solely on one man’s vision” Sam Hok thought. “I hope you understand that one day Wan Luan.”

“The Soulless are coming….yes indeed.” Sam Hok said. He jumped from atop the mountain and came crashing to the ground. As he stood up, legions of Soulless began to materialize around him. He raised his hand and he pointed to the horizon. The legions of the Soulless followed his hand.

“If these people truly are fated to glory then first we must forge their will and strengthen their souls. Only then will they be worthy to choose a path of their own.”

With that, the monsters roared. Driven by bloodlust they started rampaging, destroying everything that stood in their way. The Gauntlet of the Soulless has begun.

Back at the camps, Wan Luan’s war council was filled with numerous skirmishes with the Soulless but to his surprise, the morale of the people was high, one could actually go so far as to say that the clans “cooperating” with each other with no one actually in command.

“A flock of sheep without the shepherd…so that’s what he meant by it.” Wan Luan said. Finally he realized the message that Sam Hok was trying to convey.

As he drew his sword, preparing for battle, Wan Luan looked at the last remaining troops of the Jade Army.

“All right Sam Hok, let’s see where this goes…”


•All players are eligible to join


SERPENT - November 17, 2008 4:00pm to 6:00pm
TIGER – November 18, 2008 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Dragon - November 19, 2008 4:00pm to 6:00pm



•Simply log in to the game and wait for the announcement of the event.


•Boss monsters will be summoned to random maps. Players are then tasked to eliminate the summoned boss monsters.
•Each boss monster killed will trigger another monster summoning on a random map location. 5 boss monsters will be summoned throughout the event.
•Each monster killed will have advancement rewards for the whole server. However, these rewards are only attainable if the summoned monsters are killed within the time limit. The time limit and rewards are the following:

1.Iron Herald King will yield SOUL mods for 3 days and will trigger the summoning of the next boss. Time Limit: 10 minutes.

2.Ancient Annihilator will be the advancement requisite for the 3rd boss.

3.Wang Dali will yield ITEM mods for 3 days and will trigger the summoning of the next boss. Time Limit: 8 minutes

4.Entropic Host of Fairyland will yield EXP mods for 3 days and will trigger the summoning of the fifth and final boss. Time Limit: 6 minutes

5.Emperor of Dusk will extend the duration of all the modified rates to one week. Time Limit: 4 minutes.

•Remaining time to kill the bosses will be announced in the server. Failure to kill the boss within the time limit will only trigger the summoning of the next boss. The rewards tied in with that monster will not be given.
•Modified rates durations gained by all the servers will be announced after all the event schedules are done.

Via Perfect World

Flyff: GPRO @ 20% Off! & Scroll Of Pet Revival Sale!

Does your weapons & shields have slots already?

No? Well now is the best time to start maximizing this new feature of Version 12! Scroll of GProtect is available for protecting the weapons and shield from destroying.

Scroll of GProtect - from 2,100 to only 1,680 coupons for a limited time only*.

Finally the Scroll of Pet Revival B, A & S is Back!

Scroll of Pet Revival S - 20,000 coupons*
Scroll of Pet Revival A - 10,000 coupons*
Scroll of Pet Revival B - 4,000 coupons*

*This Promo will run from November 14, 2008 1pm until midnight of November 16, 2008.

So don't miss out!

Ragnarok Server Merge Updates

The Philippine Ragnarok Online server merge is still on-going and the ICT staff are working with several Gravity server and database engineers. As per the latest announcement posted on the website, there is no definite timeline yet on when the servers will be up and running due to the complex process that the merger entails. The team obviously encountered problems but they’ll be able to resolve it soon for sure. Anyway, that’s the bad news. The good news is that the Ragnarok Team has decided to slash the subscription rates of the game.

The official announcement:

Citizens of New Chaos,

We’re making good on our promise. To make the transition to New Chaos (the amalgamation of Baldur, Tyr and Freya) easy and fun for everyone, we’re offering new and affordable subscription rates for everyone. See details below

Promo Duration:

November 14, 2008 to December 14, 2008 only


New Chaos residents only

Promo Mechanics:
Load up 75 game credits and get 4 days FREE unlimited gametime.


Ragnarok Online official site:

Via Waukster

Friday, November 14, 2008

Grand Chase: Ronan

Grand Chase will be launching it’s commercial service on November 18, 2008. Basically it means that they will be opening the item shop to the public where item sets, weapons, and various consumables will be available. Ronan, the first male character of Grand Chase Philippines, will also be introduced into the game. New maps will also be added and the level cap will be increased to 40.

Grand Chase official site:
Via Waukster

Zhu Xian Online

Some facts about the Zhu Xian Online:
* Zhu Xian is based on the popular Chinese internet novel of the same title, authored by Xiao Ding
* Ranked #1 in the Top 10 Most Popular Online Games in China for 2007 in the Chinese Game Industry Annual Conference
* ZX PH is the first English deployment
* ZX is the first Chinese-developed game to be published by e-Games

Hardware Requirements:
Processor: 1GHz
RAM: 128 MB
Video: 32 MB
DirectX: DirectX 8.1

Processor: 1GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Video: 64 MB
DirectX: DirectX 8.1

Game Features:

First full 3D pathing system in a seamless map.

Pets evolve: they grow, learn new skills, and eventually, “go to heaven” and leave a special jade talisman to bring luck to their owners.

Zhu Xian brings the fantasy of flying weapons alive in the game.

Allows gamers to travel faster riding Chinese divine beasts such as the unicorn, phoenix, and dragon. Two players can ride one mount.

Talismans are a Chinese warrior’s source of auxiliary power. In the game, players are able to create their own talismans.

Quests and missions designed for couples, groups, families, and guilds.

Click here to go to Zhu Xian Online's official website.

Via The Empress
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